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Why You Need an Anniversary Session! // Hillsboro Wedding Photographer

April 22, 2019

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portland anniversary photo session

This morning, I posted some happy anniversary wishes to one of my favorite SSP couples, Lacey and Taylor.  They got married two years ago at Camp Turnaround, and I saw them just recently for an anniversary session.  I’m so glad they chose to do an anniversary session, and it got me thinking about all the reasons it’s so important to document that time in your life!

I’ve been doing anniversary sessions a lot lately, and whether they’re for first, twentieth, or fiftieth anniversaries, there’s something that happens at every single one.  These couples are JOYFUL!  It’s that feeling you get on date night, taking time out to focus on your relationship and spending time together, while I document that joy!  A lot of times, as the years pass, we stop celebrating those moments where it’s just the two of you being YOU.  Everyone books photo sessions once the babies are born, and you wouldn’t believe how often mom and dad come to family photo sessions and say they just want group photos with the whole family only.

Don’t get me wrong, those are important.  But the images that I take of just mom and dad?  ALWAYS some of my favorites.  All of the memories of a life together in just one quiet image of the two who started the family–it’s perfect!  So when you book an anniversary session, we get to spend the WHOLE session making those images of just the two of you.

hillsboro wedding photographer engagement session at chamoeg state park

It looks different for everyone, depending on what stage of life they’re in.  When I meet up with my recently married SSP couples a year or two after their wedding, we get to document that time when it’s JUST the two of them.  They’re usually embarking on new careers, setting up new homes, all that exciting newlywed stuff!  I wish I’d spent more time documenting that time in my own life, because there are so many happy memories there.  But more often than not, couples wait to schedule photos for years because they already have their wedding photos which feel so recent.  But you know what?  It’s a totally different season of life already!  The wedding is one day, but the anniversary photos a few years down the road?  That’s REAL LIFE!

Hillsboro wedding photographer | Bright and airy Portland engagement photos

I’ve also been super lucky to capture anniversary portraits that turn into maternity sessions as my couples grow their families.  These pictures, and I speak from my own experience, are really just incredible to look back on once your little one is here!  They’ll appreciate these photos so much as they get older.

Hillsboro engagement photo session | Hillsboro wedding photographer

Anniversary photo sessions aren’t just something to think about in the years after your wedding but before you start a family.  They’re really for any time.  Last fall, I met up with Dwayne and Karen at Jenkins Estate in Beaverton.  It had been over 40 years since they had their last professional portrait session together with just the two of them–at a maternity session when Karen had been pregnant with their second child.  It was TIME!  We had so much fun focusing on just them!

beaverton family photographer anniversary session

Anniversary portraits are perfect for celebrating the two of you as you are right now.  I’d encourage you to avoid waiting until the next “milestone” to schedule pictures.  The two of you together are enough!  It’s important to celebrate your relationship in every season–because whatever it is, it will pass and you’ll want photos to look back on to remember it!

My anniversary sessions are priced the same as family portrait sessions, so you can choose any of the portrait collections on the investment page.  Sessions are about an hour long, and we’ll choose a location that represents you as a couple.  We focus on capturing the connection between you two, so come ready to have FUN with each other!  And since you’re already all dressed up, I love to encourage my couples to make a day out of it!  After your session, go wine tasting together, have dinner, get a drink–this is a fun day all about you and celebrating your relationship with each other!


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  1. Courtney says:

    I love this so much! It is so important for couples to keep documenting their love throughout their lives!

  2. Ashley K says:

    Wow these are gorgeous! So beautiful and glowy ?? I love anniversary sessions too!!

  3. Love this post!!! ❤️ I had a couple that hadn’t had their pictures taken in 20 years! It’s so important to do anniversary session! Fully agree ?

  4. Paige says:

    Great Post, Love that the photographs are so warm and consistent! <3 <3 <3

  5. Mandy says:

    These are such great images and such a fabulous posts as to why anniversary sessions are such a fabulous idea Samantha! I totally agree with you – they are super fun and SUPER important!! and I especially loved how you said that the wedding is just one day, anniversary sessions are real life!

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