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Nestled above the hills north of Corvallis and west of Albany is this beautiful little park. It has California vibes so strong it makes me homesick for my Sacramento days. Tall fields, rolling hills dotted with oak trees, and the coastal range off in the distance: if you’re an Albany, Oregon photographer this is the […]

family of three in a field with a view by albany oregon photographer samantha shannon

While most of my photo sessions take place in wide open natural areas like the Columbia River Gorge or Champoeg State Park, there’s a special place in my heart for garden family photos. In the late spring and summer when everything is in bloom, they’re especially magical! I loved spending this late August evening in […]

mom and daughter in a garden for family photos in Portland, Oegon

As a lifestyle photographer in Portland, Oregon, I get the incredible opportunity to create art out of my client’s lives. On the very best days, that includes some travel to beautiful PNW locations like the Columbia River Gorge! This summer session was at Beacon Rock, a location filled with some great family memories for these […]

family of three walking in front of Beacon Rock for a family photo session portland oregon

If you’ve landed here in search of your perfect Salem, Oregon photographer, you’re in luck! I’ve written the ultimate guide to choosing a photographer in Salem, from the top three questions to ask yourself before you begin your search, to my favorite locations for pictures in Salem, to what to DO with those beautiful photos […]

As a Wilsonville family photographer, one of the biggest highlights is seeing my client’s children grow over the year. It really is an incredible honor that my families entrust me to document their children as they grow up, because as a mom I can see even with my own kids how quickly it goes. I’ll […]

Wilsonville family photographer

If you’re on the search for the perfect outfit for your child to wear during your family photo session, or maybe just some quality playclothes that don’t look like everyone else’s, it’s worth checking out these children and baby clothes stores in Portland. Each one has a different vibe: some geared more towards organic and […]

Mom and toddler daughter look at a flower

If you’re on the search for the best places to take pictures in Portland, you’ve probably searched through a ton of lists. While my very first suggestion would be to ask your photographer for a location that photographs well with their style (seriously, we spend a LOT of our time scouting the best locations!), I […]

family at a lavender field, a best location for family photos in portland oregon

I’ve just wrapped up my first round of Lavender Mini Sessions, and let me tell you, I’m in love. The rows of lavender, the dreamy light, the pastel tones…this is the stuff dreams are made of! There’s one more round of lavender mini sessions next week, plus a few full sessions. If you’re thinking about […]

mom kneeling in front of daughter at lavender field family photos

  Ever stepped into a space that just felt so beautiful and serene that you could actually feel yourself relaxing just by being there? Luscher Farms in Lake Oswego is my new favorite place because it has exactly that effect. It’s surrounded by the rolling hills of the Lake Oswego area, and is an incredible […]

I just want one nice photo of the kids together, you might think as you book your next family photo session. Friend, we can do more than that! Sibling photos are some of my favorites to shoot because they’re SO READY to have some fun. Maybe you’ve got a big brother and little sister, adult […]

two girls hug at a sisters photoshoot

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