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Looking to add a little magic to your days? This list of 42 tried-and-true activities in Portland will help you create intentional family time and new memories.

From outdoor adventures in stunning PNW scenery to rainy-day hidden gems, you'll find 42 new favorite places.

The kids are bored, your usual playgrounds have lost their luster, and you're desperate to get out of the house but you're out of ideas.

I've got you covered.

With two kids of my own and over a decade of experience as a family photographer, I've got more than a few favorite places for families up my sleeve. I've spent years scouting out the most picture-perfect (and fun!) locations in the PNW--hidden gems that captivate and engage kids of all ages.

In this e-book, I've collected my favorite Portland spots for family adventures. Some offer epic scenery and outdoor adventures (PS, these make great photo locations!), and some are just my favorite spots as a mom. You know, the ones you can pull out of your back pocket when you need a day of intentional connection with your family.

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