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What to Wear for Photos This Spring!

March 15, 2019

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It’s SPRING!  Which means it’s time to figure out what to wear for spring photos!  I’m kind of loving making these What to Wear posts, friends!  I get to “shop” and put together everyone’s outfits.  I hope these are helpful posts for you!

Today I’m sharing an Easter-inspired What to Wear board for family portraits.  It would work just fine for engagement photos too–the mom and dad outfits translate super easily into bride and groom outfits!

Here I mostly focused on colors, materials, and shape.  I wanted it to feel like Easter egg colors, with a little light khaki and light chambray as neutrals to ground those fun pastels.  I’m relying on the ruffles on mom and daughter’s dresses for the texture, as well as some subtle texture in mom’s filigree earrings and daughter’s eyelet trim.  Simple textures like this add visual interest and are really preferable over a lot of patterns.  It looks so subtle and timeless!

Another little tip on patterns–notice how dad’s shirt has a large windowpane style print on it?  That’s going to photograph way better than a shirt with very tiny checks on it.  A shirt with small scale plaid or gingham can often photograph oddly–so if you choose a plaid or checked shirt, keep it a larger scale.

And one last styling tip–I’m a HUGE fan of rolling up sleeves for a more casual look!  I’d have both dad and son roll their sleeves up to their elbows to keep this looking casual and spring-y.

Enjoy this wardrobe inspiration board–I hope it helps you figure out what to wear for your spring photos this year!  Are there other color combos you’d like to see?  Drop it in the comments!

what to wear for pictures - blush mint chambray


Mom’s dress

Mom’s earrings

Dad’s shirt

Dad’s pants

Son’s shirt

Son’s bowtie

Daughter’s dress

Daughter’s sandals

Son’s shorts

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