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What to Wear for Fall Family Photos

October 18, 2018

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Dropping in here in the midst of family photo season to offer some HELP!  We recently had our own family photos done, and getting our wardrobe together was I.N.S.A.N.E.  I’m talking allllll of the clothes of EVERYONE in the family spread across my bed, with me trying to figure out how to match little baby dresses with the ONE dress that I found that I liked on myself.  Chaos, friends.  It was chaos.

Somehow, it’s way easier for me to make recommendations for OTHER people on what to wear for portraits–in fact, I offer a What to Wear for Family Photos guide to clients once they’ve booked their session.  I thought I’d take some time on the blog here to drop a few SPECIFIC outfit ideas (with links!  Huzzah!) to hopefully help you!  Maybe you are a throw-it-all-in-the-Amazon-cart-and-go kind of person.  Well my friend, that’s why I love Amazon Prime.  Or, you can take these ideas as a shopping guide as you go out to your favorite stores and try similar things on!

A few things you’ll notice–I like to keep patterns SUPER minimal for a calmer, more timeless look.  I personally think it’s best if only one person is in a pattern (ie: plaids, florals, or stripes), and everyone else is in solid colors.  Then we don’t have to worry about patterns clashing and the whole image looks more serene!  I also LOVE textures, ruffles, and a little bit of bling because it adds so much visual interest.  And last, I also tried to choose items that are going to be flattering–something with a defined waist, whether it’s a higher empire waist or a natural waist, is going to define your shape and make you look fabulous!

Enjoy this inspiration, check out the links for the specific items, and feel free to pin away on Pinterest!  What colors or pieces would you like to see me style next?  Drop it in the comments!

What to wear for family pictures taupe maroon mustard and olive | Hillsboro Oregon Family photographer



Girl’s Dress

Girl’s Tights

Woman’s Tiered Dress

Woman’s Statement Earrings

Woman’s Cuff Bracelet

Woman’s Booties

Man’s Sweater

Man’s Jeans

Boy’s Sweater

Boy’s Olive Pants

What to Wear for Fall Family Photos Navy and Blush Hillsboro Family Photographer


Woman’s Maxi Dress

Woman’s Statement Earrings

Man’s Button Down

Man’s Chinos

Girl’s Dress

Girl’s Bow

Boy’s Henley Tee

Boy’s Cardigan Sweater

Boy’s Jeans


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