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How We’re Dealing With COVID-19 at SSP

March 12, 2020

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Things are getting REAL out there, friends. In the last day or two, there have been so many announcements about closures due to COVID-19 that I can barely keep up. I understand the worry. I’m no stranger to it–anxiety and a phobia about germs has been with me a loooooong time. So the frequent handwashing? I GOT THIS. I’m even seeing some positive messages come out in between the crazy news stories about Costco rushes. A message about slowing down and remembering your relatives, friends, and neighbors who may be affected by the threat of COVID-19, even if you personally aren’t in a high risk category. We’re all remembering to be a little more mindful, and that’s one of those silver lining things that I’ll be holding on to.

In the meantime, I thought it would be a good time to share with you some of the things Samantha Shannon Photography is doing to make sure my family and my clients are safe and healthy.

newberg oregon wedding photographer at the falls event center in mcminnville.

  1. All consultations for wedding clients and potential wedding clients are being held via Skype. Bonus: my pup Lucy will probably make an appearance on your screen!
  2. I’m adjusting my reschedule policy to be more flexible for last-minute rescheduling of portrait sessions. I’m always, ALWAYS okay rescheduling (even at the last minute) if someone in your family is sick, but even if you’re just feeling like you’d rather avoid leaving home for a few weeks, we can work with that! Reach out any time to discuss your concerns, and we’ll get you rescheduled to later in the year. The good news is, we have a whole beautiful summer and fall ahead of us, so there is plenty of time to get back on the calendar later on.
  3. On that same note, I’m dedicated to keeping in communication to you regarding my health. If I have cold or flu symptoms before your session, I’ll notify you so that you can choose whether or not to continue with your session or reschedule, with no penalty.
  4. As of right now, smaller gatherings of people are still okay according to the health department. Since smaller outdoor weddings are my jam anyway, most of my couples are still continuing with their plans. However, I’m as flexible as possible in terms of rescheduled weddings or locations if it comes to that. Feel free to contact me as you navigate wedding planning in this season, and I will do whatever I can to help make your day STILL the BEST DAY EVER! Because I am selective about my calendar and only book ten weddings a year, there is absolutely some flexibility in my calendar if you decide to reschedule, so please get in touch before making any decisions so we can chat about availability!
  5. As always, I’ll be washing hands frequently during any session or wedding, as well as wiping down my camera gear between clients.
  6. Luckily, most of my sessions take place outdoors in not-so-populated parks. I’ll continue to encourage sessions at larger parks rather than indoor or urban locations so that we can practice that social distancing (are we tired of that phrase yet??).


Lastly, a number of my small business friends have begun to feel the pressure of declining foot traffic and low sales as people start to stay home. Please remember that most families, mine included, depend on the income from their small businesses. Even if you are unable to go out, there are still ways that you can help support your neighborhood businesses. Shops are often able to mail or deliver items you purchase online or over the phone. Support a local meal-delivery service. For service businesses like your hairstylist, massage therapist, or, ahem, photographer, consider asking about gift certificates. Not only will you be planning ahead for services you’ll be ready for once it’s a little safer and healthier to go out again, but you’ll be giving these small businesses a lifeline to keep their doors open.

wedding dress photo samantha shannon photography

Stay healthy and kind, friends.

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