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What to Wear for Spring Family Portraits

February 22, 2019

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It’s that time again!  As we get into spring portrait season, it’s time to start making decisions on what to wear for your family pictures or engagement session in the SPRINGTIME!  It might feel far away on a rainy day like this, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll need some time to start shopping!  I created this guide for you to be able to shop through some of my Amazon favorites in case you are on a time crunch, or just take inspiration from these photos as you decide on wardrobe for pictures!

I did two different color schemes with two totally different vibes–the first is soft and romantic neutral pastels.  There’s a little lace, some ruffles, and plenty of soft chiffon and chambray.  The colors are super neutral for mom and dad with just some soft blues.  This could totally be worn for an engagement session too!  I made sure to add a little pop of color with the lavender statement earrings, which really is more than enough.  You could even pair this outfit with some lavender heels if you want to be a little dressier or add more color.

If this is a family photo session, the kids are in super soft shades of violet and rose.  I love that these are all solid colors but the visual interest comes from the textures: ruffles, the crinkle texture of the baby’s outfit, and the lace on mom’s top.  Sticking to solid colors like this rather than patterns gives the whole look a really classic, quiet, serene feel.  It would be perfect in a field for light and bright photos or strolling through the cherry blossoms!

wardrobe idea for family pictures or engagement pictures - neutral pastels lavender chambray and rose


Mom’s top

Mom’s skirt

Mom’s earrings

Baby’s romper

Girl’s dress

Dad’s shirt

Dad’s pants

My next look is a total 180 because I feel like I do a lot of subtle colors and I know some of my clients really do LOVE COLOR!  Bright colors can be tough to photograph–anything too bright can reflect that color back onto your skin–ick!  You definitely want to avoid anything really bright or neon near your face.  Here, the brightest colors are away from faces–dad’s pants are a super preppy Nantucket red color, but the chambray button down will look great near his face and won’t reflect any bad color onto his skin.  Because there are a lot of brighter colors here, mom and dad are both in shades of blue so that it’s actually pretty monochromatic except for those pops of coral!

For the kids, I added some texture in with the little girl’s dress–I really love that lace detail!  And the little boy’s plaid shirt is perfect.  It ties the colors all together, but is a large print plaid rather than a really small checked shirt.  Those larger plaids photograph MUCH better than a smaller scale plaid like gingham.

I left off shoes here, but I’d probably stick to warm and light neutrals like camel sandals with a heel for mom and daughter, and light khaki boat shoes for the boys.

And PS, those earrings?  ON MY WISHLIST!!  I need them in my life.

wardrobe idea for family or engagement pictures - coral and cobalt blue chambray nantucket red


Mom’s dress

Mom’s earrings

Girl’s dress

Boy’s shirt

Boy’s pants

Dad’s shirt

Dad’s pants

I hope this was helpful!  These are so fun to create!  If you have any requests for styles or colors, drop them below in the comments and I’ll try to help you out!  You can also pin this to your Pinterest board by hovering over the pictures!




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