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Our Family Album

January 24, 2017

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Winter is a slower time for me–it’s the time shooting slows way down and I have time to plan what kinds of big dreams are going to happen over the next year.  I also have time to focus on my family, and this afternoon I spent some time finishing up our 2016 family album!

I love to make nice printed albums for big milestones–each baby’s first year, our wedding, special vacations.  And my very favorite photos get printed BIG and put up on our walls (pro tip: when printing, go as BIG as you can!  My 20×30 canvas fits just right in our tiny apartment.)  I rotate our some smaller framed photos on our gallery wall and on shelves around our home.  But…that’s just not quite enough places for photos to live!  There are still the snapshots of sunny hikes on summer days, cookie baking, sidewalk chalk types of days that don’t get into any of those spaces.  And that means that they might end up on my computer in a file no one ever looks at, or just way, way, down on my Facebook page.

When is the last time you gathered around mom’s computer, as a family, and looked at all your family photos?  Right.  So I made it a priority this year to print and archive all those snapshots in a little slip-in album, so that anytime my kids want to look at family photos, they don’t need to log in to my computer first!

It was a process–I worked hard each time I uploaded photos to flag my favorites and fully edit and label them before moving on so that they didn’t get forgotten.  I printed regularly and added photos as we went.  And sitting here, looking back at our year, I am so, so glad I did!  I have great memories of looking through my parent’s photo albums when I was a kid, and I love that my kids will have the same experience.

Looking for more reasons to print out your family photos?  Check out this post here!

Nothing to print out?  Let’s fix that with a photo session!  Contact me to chat about your options for updating your family portraits!

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