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On Hanging Up Printed Photos | Hillsboro Family Photography

January 22, 2015

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This is the wall of my dining room, and it’s one of my favorite places in my whole house.  It’s where my gallery wall is: all of my very favorite family photos along one wall of the room.  If you’ve seen my Pinterest page, you’ve probably guessed that I’m into this kind of thing.  There’s something about hanging family photos that makes a place feel like home.  

The other thing that I’ve been noticing is how much living with these images on the walls helps me get through the tough times.  For instance, when the sweet baby in the picture above, who’s almost two now, is throwing a tantrum over who knows what for the sixth time that day.  Those days where I am at the limit–I know you’ve been there too–I can’t tell you how soothing it is to look up at the wall and see that image of my week-old baby taking his first bath.  It reminds me of how crazy it all felt then, the no-sleep nights on top of no-sleep nights, the colic, the overwhelming sense of not knowing what we were doing, at all.  And that moment is all it takes to remind me just how fast time is moving.  It’s just what I need to take a deep breath, get through that tantrum, and then make time to cuddle my baby.  

So when we sit down during our image reveal session to order your photos, this is what I’m thinking about.  I offer digital files, because I know you love to have access to your images just like I do.  But prints are the things that are going to live with you, each day, and serve as a reminder to slow down and enjoy these moments.  And if you’re looking at bare walls right now–get in touch with me to book a session, but first, here’s your reminder to go snuggle those little ones 🙂

Here’s a quick peek at one of my new samples that just came in–this is a linen textured, mounted print.  It’s super sturdy with the mounting so it won’t be as prone to warping as a regular photo paper print would be, and still fits perfectly in a frame.  And the linen texture!  I love it!  It feels so lush, almost like canvas!  

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