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It’s LIVE! The Professional Women Photographers of Yamhill County is ONLINE!

April 2, 2019

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There’s something I love just as much as connecting with wedding and family photography clients.

Something big.

It’s bringing together PHOTOGRAPHERS!  There’s something so rewarding about creating a space for people in this industry to meet in person, to chat, commiserate, swap tips and make coffee dates.  I really believe that with social media being so insanely prevalent in our daily lives, that people really are thirsting for that real, face to face connection!  Where you might log off of Instagram after twenty minutes of liking other people’s posts and feel comparison starting to creep in and steal your joy, once you meet the people behind that work in person it’s a totally different story!  Try it!  If you spend an hour chatting with someone over coffee, there’s no way you’ll leave without feeling fired up and excited about whatever you talked about.  Where social media can be isolating and draining (and definitely not always a true representation of real life!), meeting face to face is life-giving, affirming, and absolutely REAL!  I think photographers especially are really susceptible to being drained by the constant game of comparison or the feeling of having to “keep up” on social media as they run their businesses.  We talked about that a TON at the Dream Bigger Retreat last month.  The only way I know to fix that is to spend MORE time connecting in real life!  So that brings me to a group that has been a HUGE part of my life this last year, and a total game changer for me: The Professional Women Photographers of Yamhill County!

Alison Murray of Murray Photography started this group almost exactly a year ago, and when she moved across the country a few months later, she handed the reigns of leadership over to myself and Rachael Kubik of Wishflower Photography.  I’m so proud of how we’ve grown this group!  From coffee chats to photography walks, all the way to our weekend retreat, this group lifts me up in ways I can’t even describe.  These are my PEOPLE!  I decided to give back to these sweet photographers by designing our group website, and today I’m so excited to announce that it’s officially LAUNCHED!

find professional photographer in yamhill county newberg oregon

We have some big dreams for this website.  Because I’m pretty sure I’m incapable of doing something on a small scale, I see a big future for this little community!  Right now though, this is a go-to spot for people looking for fantastic photographers in Yamhill County!  It can be super hard to find a photographer that is in your area, doing the type of work you’re looking for, and is responsive and active.  Google might turn up people who shot here once on a trip, or who have since moved or gone out of business.  Our “Find a Photographer” page lists active photographers with their specific specialties and is managed by me to make sure it’s up to date.  You can search by type of photography or just by each member’s name.

yamhill county photographer directory

While you’re over there, check out the blog!  You know I have to blog ALL THE THINGS, so of course I’ll be doing the same thing over there too!  We’ll be highlighting our recent meetings and shoots, as well as featuring guest posts and recent work from our members.  I’m so excited for this to be a community venture with some of my favorite people!  I truly hope this is a helpful resource for the Newberg, Dundee, and greater Yamhill County community to connect photographers together AND to connect people to their perfect photographer.

Check out the website HERE!


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