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FAQ Friday: What Is An Unplugged Wedding?

March 22, 2019

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When I meet with potential wedding clients, I love to bring a folder full of wedding planning info for them.  Besides the fact that I am one of those people who love to assemble folders full of information (cough, Leslie Knope, cough), I genuinely want each couple to walk away with the best wedding planning tips.  I feel like I’ve been at enough weddings that I’ve seen which ideas really make the day better!  One of my very favorite tips for a seamless wedding experience is to consider having an unplugged wedding!

how to have an unplugged wedding - portland wedding photographer

What’s an unplugged wedding?

Imagine this: it’s the day you’ve been waiting for your whole life.  You walk down the aisle to your future husband, join hands, and begin saying your vows.  You glance out at the pews, feeling so lucky to be surrounded by your family and friends.  But wait!  Instead of Aunt Joan’s smiling face, she’s holding her iPhone in front of her to grab snaps for her Facebook page.  Your childhood bestie?  Her eyes are glued on her tablet as she takes video by leaning out into the aisle.

Is that how you’d like to experience this sacred ceremony?  Heck, is that how you want your closest family and friends to experience this moment?


That’s exactly why I encourage my couples to host an unplugged wedding ceremony!  It’s so, so simple to do, but it makes a world of difference, both in how you and your guests experience your wedding and in the quality of photos I’m able to capture!  Because if someone’s leaning into the aisle with their phone, or holding it up above the audience to get that best angle…those little glowing screens are going to be in your wedding photos!

Wouldn’t it be better to put the phones away, let your family be present with you in that moment, and as a bonus…NOT have cell phone screens glowing in your wedding photos??

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How do you have an unplugged ceremony?

So how do you have an unplugged ceremony?  My favorite way is subtle–a sign at the ceremony entrance or a note on or next to the programs that lets guests know that they can relax!  You’ve hired a professional to capture the ceremony.  Invite them to be fully present with you on this day by putting away their cameras and phones until the reception.  If the day allows, you can also have ushers tell guests, or even have the officiant make a brief announcement before the ceremony begins.

mcmenamins grand lodge wedding in forest grove, oregon - portland wedding photographer

Can guests ever take photos at an unplugged ceremony?

An unplugged wedding does not have to mean that no one can take photos the whole day.  While that would be an amazing way to experience the day, usually once the reception starts, all bets are off!  Phones come out, everyone snaps away, and we all have a great time!  I love when couples have a designated hashtag for their wedding posted at the wedding so that guests can post reception photos in real time.  After such an intimate ceremony where everyone is present and calm with you, I guarantee it’s going to be a fantastic celebration at the reception!

Are you planning an unplugged ceremony?  How are you sharing that idea with your guests?


Want to save this idea?  Use the image below to pin it to your Pinterest board!

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