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Family Photos in Newberg During a STORM!

November 25, 2019

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How is it already the end of November?? July through October is my busy season between weddings and fall family portrait season, so those months always go by in a bit of a blur! Now that things are slowing down, I’m excited to catch up on some blogging–I’ve been working with some freaking ADORABLE families this fall and I NEED to share their sessions with you!  First up is these incredible family photos we did at Champoeg State Park in Newberg.  It happened LITERALLY in the middle of a freak rainstorm!  Now, I know that rainstorms are not exactly a crazy occurrence in Oregon, and I even wrote a post not too long ago about what happens if it rains on your photo session date.  But this rainstorm came out of NOWHERE!  Like I mentioned in that post I just linked to, I’m constantly checking the hourly forecast and the radar in the days before a portrait session.  For Rosa’s family session, there was nothing forecasted!  Clear skies, dry weather, all the good stuff.  So I hop in the car and when I’m about a mile away, I look to the east and see this WALL of black storm clouds.  Yikes!  The storm that was supposed to hit Portland and then head southeast had taken a turn…literally!  It was headed west, right towards us!  The updated forecasted now said we had about half an hour before the rain started, so Rosa and her family chose to work fast so we could get as many of the must-haves as possible since they were all already looking fabulous!

fall family photos in newberg, oregon


family photos in newberg, oregon

We’d shot for about ten minutes when the storm got REAL.  A strong wind picked up and the heavy rain hit, HARD!  We took cover and made plans to reschedule, but then, just as quickly as it came, it left!  We had clear skies for the second half of the session.  WHAT??  The second half of the session looks all idyllic and dry and you’d NEVER know there was a crazy storm that had just come through!  I’m so glad that my clients are the BEST–they stayed calm and stuck it out with me and look at the payoff!  Thanks for always being incredible, Rosa and fam!

family pictures in newberg, oregon

fall family portraits in hillsboro, oregon



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  1. Katie says:

    I’m so glad you shared this! You really never know what the weather will bring! Such a cute family and love those reds against the lush green.

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