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Creating Evergreen Content For Your Photography Blog

June 11, 2020

**This blog post contains excerpts from The Blogging Bundle Ebook, coming Spring 2021!**

Staring down an empty blog on your website?  Trying to plan out your blog calendar, but don’t have any new sessions to share?  Sitting in front of a blank “Add New Post” screen and feeling totally…lost?  It happens to everyone!  Especially during slow seasons (looking at you, 2020), it can be so hard to fill your blog with enough valuable content for your readers.  Photographers normally use their blogs to share their work–which works great during busy seasons where you HAVE new work to share.  But it can be a challenge to blog at all when things are slow.  I mean, what do you even write about?

Enter: Evergreen content.  

I LOVE to create content that is informational and can be shared over and over.  That’s called evergreen content, because it never goes out of season and is relevant over and over again.  Any blog post that you might create to answer a frequently asked question makes great evergreen content.  And it’s totally the gift that keeps on giving!  If you write one post about “Top 5 Tips For Including Your Pets At Photo Sessions,” it can serve SO many purposes! Check out the list below for an example!

how to create evergreen content for photographers

What??? That’s TEN WAYS you can use that one little 300-word blog post to connect with new or returning clients!  Evergreen content like this is SO worth the time you put in. It also gives you a chance to share older work that you’re proud of, so those photos can do double-duty: not just appear in their session post and the portfolio, but also reappear in social media feeds as a part of this evergreen content.

So how do you come up with ideas of what to write for evergreen content?  I’d say, start in the place that is your THING.  The thing you do really well, unlike other people.  Or the thing that, when someone asks you about it, you can rattle off the answer with a little passion.  I ADORE photographing dogs as a part of family sessions.  I really, really am hoping that each new inquiry comes with a sweet new puppers to meet.  So of course I want to promote people bringing their dogs to sessions!  The more I write about that, the more those types of people are going to find me, because you bet I’ve keyworded those posts to “engagement photos with dogs in Portland Oregon”! Not only that, but when I reshare these types of posts, I get a fresh opportunity to share a photo of an adorable dog with their human family, which means my social media feed frequently shows families and their dogs!  People who want to include their pets in their photos will connect with that the minute they see a dog-heavy feed, and be more likely to contact me.  It’s all about creating space for you to share what makes you shine. The photo below shows an example of that type of informational evergreen blog post on my own photography blog.

photography blog post example

So what makes you shine?  What can you share about it?  Do you have a favorite photo you’ve created lately you want to share?  What is a fact about that session that others might learn from?  Is there a question you get frequently, or a problem you run into that could be solved with an informational post?  

Take a minute to download the Evergreen Post Brainstorming Worksheet below, and then have some fun creating some new post ideas for your blog! 


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