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2017 Wedding Photography Behind The Camera

January 31, 2018

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It’s been quiet over here this last month on the blog, but not in real life–we had Camille and Michael’s Troutdale House wedding over Thanksgiving weekend, then December was spent editing that wedding and doing all that fun end-of-year stuff for the business.  This month, I’ve been revamping the Bridal Guide (2018 brides–keep an eye on your mail box next week!!), and that means going through all of my galleries from the year to pull my favorite photos.  While I was doing that, I found some photos that my second photographers took of me IN ACTION that I thought I’d share.  This is how much I love you.  I’m starting with this one, which was technically 2016, but it is me shooting Emily and Ryan’s wedding FOUR WEEKS after having my second baby.  I’m also rocking flats on a rainy day, which I DO NOT ADVISE.  The California (read: denial of rainwear) in me is strong, but after this, I’ve been on the lookout for rainy wedding day shoes that actually cover my whole foot.
The next wedding of the season was Lacey and Taylor’s Camp Turnaround wedding, where my second photographer Halsey took this photo of me doing the EXACT SAME MOVE that I did at Emily and Ryan’s wedding.  Apparently, I always want you to get closer together for photos.  Always.

Most of my summer weddings chose not to have a second photographer (did you know that was an option?  I love making it super easy to customize your wedding package so you only pay for what you need at your wedding), so that means you don’t get to see me balancing on a steep hill at Horning’s Hideout to get Lindsey and Adam’s bridal party portraits with the lake in the background, or kneeling on a dock to get Kate and Dustin’s paddleboat exit.  Sorry, friends.

In the fall, I headed to the Tillamook forest for Lauren and Corey’s wedding, where I probably just could have stood between these picnic tables, but instead chose to lean awkwardly over the bench, letting the corner of it jab into my leg.  Because I’m graceful that way.  PS: Lauren and Corey’s adorable dogs were star guests at this wedding, and I think this is the moment the puppies greeted their newly married owners after the ceremony.

At Shellie and Kevin’s McMenamin’s Grand Lodge wedding, Halsey got me doing more awkward leaning, and then a photo demonstrating that I do occasionally JUST STAND NORMALLY.
At the last wedding of the year, Sarah photographed me at as I did bridal details.  Can we please discuss how beautiful Camille’s dress was?
I hope you enjoyed some of the behind the scenes of what it looks like for me as I shoot a wedding.  It was a fabulous year!

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