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Listen, there are about a thousand books out there telling you how to start a photography business. If you’re planning to start a photography business in 2023, chances are you’ve read the books, watched all the Youtube videos, and have a pretty good idea of where to start. But today, I want to share the […]

mom and son during outdoor family portraits

So you’re a new photographer, and you’ve got your first photoshoot lined up. What now? How can you make sure it goes smoothly? If you’re wondering how to prepare for a photoshoot, I’ve rounded up my best tips for new photographers that you can use to make sure your photoshoot goes well. How to Prepare […]

Today, I’m sharing everything I know about achieving a light and airy photography style. You know those soft, light-filled photos you see on my portfolio? That’s light and airy, and this guide can help you achieve that look! We’ll dive into the goals of light and airy photography, discuss essential choices you need to make […]

Outdoor family picture in front of Beacon Rock near Portland Oregon

This year, I’ve focused on how I can improve SSP’s client experience. What can I take off of client’s plates so that they can show up to sessions relaxed and ready to enjoy their family time? How can I serve them? One of the things that has been a landmark thing for the client experience […]

how to start a client closet

Welcome to part one of my 4-part series on my approach to family photo sessions. Over the last decade, I’ve refined the way I photograph families to make the process enjoyable and authentic for each family, as well as something that can be reproduced so that the feel that you see in my portfolio is […]

mom and daughter laugh together in a field near portland, oregon

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