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There are some things that just scream “spring.” Wildflowers. Cherry blossoms. Pastel tones. Lush gardens just beginning to bloom. Lucky for us, Oregon’s climate gives us these things in spades. If you’re looking for the best place for your spring family pictures in Portland, read on for my favorite hidden gems.   Gardens for Portland […]

family of four standing in a flower field by vancouver wa photographer samantha shannon

Have a family photo session coming up? The good news: it doesn’t have to be overwhelming to prepare for it. The even better news? I’ve rounded up my best blog posts on things to consider as you prepare for your family pictures. Read on for help choosing a location, selecting wardrobe, and getting your family […]

light and airy family photo session

If you’re on the search for the best places to take pictures in Portland, you’ve probably searched through a ton of lists. While my very first suggestion would be to ask your photographer for a location that photographs well with their style (seriously, we spend a LOT of our time scouting the best locations!), I […]

family at a lavender field, a best location for family photos in portland oregon

I’ve just wrapped up my first round of Lavender Mini Sessions, and let me tell you, I’m in love. The rows of lavender, the dreamy light, the pastel tones…this is the stuff dreams are made of! There’s one more round of lavender mini sessions next week, plus a few full sessions. If you’re thinking about […]

mom kneeling in front of daughter at lavender field family photos

Ever stepped into a space that just felt so beautiful and serene that you could actually feel yourself relaxing just by being there? Luscher Farm in Lake Oswego is my new favorite place because it has exactly that effect. It’s surrounded by the rolling hills of the Lake Oswego area, and is an incredible natural […]

Today I’m sharing family photo session info for one of my favorite garden locations: Deepwood Estates in Salem Oregon! Welcome to my first installment of a new location series, where I round up the best places for family photos in Portland and Salem! I’ll share all the essential information to know when considering a photo […]

If you’re looking for a quiet location with a country feel, have you considered Champoeg State Park family photos? Because of its size and the fact that it’s outside of Portland proper, Champoeg is usually less crowded, even on sunny summer evenings. This makes it an ideal choice for families hoping for quieter sessions or […]

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