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Location Series: Champoeg State Park | Newberg and Hillsboro Wedding and Family Photographer

June 7, 2017

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Around TWO YEARS AGO, I decided to start a new series on the blog about some of my favorite locations and why I love them!  And then…I did ONE post.  One.  About the Jenkins Estate, so at least it was one of my very favorite locations, but still.  The location series faded away.  If you’ve cruised the blog looking at different portrait session locations, chances are that you’ve used the sidebar categories and just clicked each location, which is a great way to do it!  But, I’m hoping to get a chance to showcase some of my very favorite spots and talk about why each one is a great option!  So: the location series is REVAMPED!  Hooray!

First up is my newest favorite place since moving to Newberg: Champoeg State Park!  It’s just a six minute drive south from Newberg, right along the river.  It’s also super easy to access from I-5 via the Canby/Hubbard exit, and about 10 minutes off I-5.  It’s the perfect location if you’re looking for a session that has a country/rustic feel to it, or if you’re looking for a field with tall, natural grass, old oak trees, a barn, or a river.

It’s a HUGE state park!  If you’re coming for just a day trip or spending time after your session here, there are so many great hiking trails, a natural playground area, camping, cabins and yurts, river access, frisbee golf through old oak trees, and a giant dose of history!  My husband is a history buff, so you know we spent our first trip out here reading allllll of the signs.

Fabulous things about this location that I love for photo sessions:  #1 (of course) is the BARN!  A photo session with an old, weathered, rustic barn is ALWAYS one of my favorite things, and this one gets such pretty light!  It’s surrounded by my next favorite thing at this park: old oak trees!  There are so many opportunities to play with sunlight glowing through these oak trees, and they always remind me a little bit of California!

There’s also the sweetest little orchard right near the barn, plus a pioneer-style garden!
What??? SO MANY OPTIONS!!!  And this is just at the entrance to the park!!  We haven’t even gone down into the park yet!!  This is all right near the parking lot and visitor’s center!  Some of the fabulousness that happens when you get down farther into the park: big open fields, more giant oak trees…
…and beautiful old steps down to the river and dock!!  I love finding new spots near the water, since Oregon City is usually my go-to river spot and that’s a little far for me.  The dock is definitely not kid-friendly since there’s no railing down there, but for Camille and Michael’s engagement session, it was a perfect option for waterfront photos!
I know I’m going to keep finding new favorite spots to photograph my clients at Champoeg.  There are so many parts of it left to explore!!  Ready to check it out with me?  Contact me to chat about scheduling a photo session!

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