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Workshops – Wedding & Family Portrait Photographer in Hillsboro, OR | Samantha Shannon Photography

August 10, 2018

Fun, affordable hands on photography instruction for the beginning photographer!

You spent a lot of money on your DSLR camera…take an afternoon to learn what that investment can do for your pictures!

I currently offer this workshop as a private group workshop…perfect for a unique girl’s day out at your own home!  Dates and times are flexible.  Tuition is $85 per person, and hostesses always receive FREE workshop tuition for parties of 4 or more people.

You’re unhappy with the way your photos turn out, but you’re not sure quite what’s wrong or how to fix it

You upgraded your tiny point and shoot to a DSLR, but your photos look pretty much the same

The camera’s manual bored you to tears and is half-read on a bookshelf

You took a day’s worth of blurry or dark photos on the first day you got your camera, got frustrated, and now shoot exclusively on your iPhone

You use your DSLR, but only on auto, and you’re ready to take it to the next level

You want to have fun taking pictures!

A 1.5 hour seminar covering all you need to know to start taking better pictures right away

Plenty of time for Q and A’s

Yummy snacks

A 1 hour guided mini photo shoot with real models to practice what we’ve learned

A gift bag

A 30+ page workbook with the info you’ll get at the workshop plus exercises to try at home

You’ll be added to a private Facebook group for workshop attendees to stay in touch, share your work, and ask questions

A digital copy of your portrait done during the class by Samantha, perfect for use on your blog or Facebook profile

What aperture, shutter speed, and ISO all mean and why all three are important

How to control the exposure triangle to get the results you want

How to get a blurry background on a portrait

How to look for the best natural lighting and use it to your advantage

How to stop getting out-of-focus images

How to pose your subjects…and when not to pose them!

How to get sharp, sparkly eyes and soft, creamy skin tones in your portraits

That you CAN and SHOULD take all kinds of risks with your photography, because it’s FUN!

This course does not cover information on starting a photography business, Photoshop, or advanced photography skills.  
If you’re already comfortable shooting in manual mode and consistently get the images you want in manual mode, then this probably isn’t the course for you.

Ready to set up your workshop?  Email samantha.b.shannon [at] gmail [dot] com today!

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