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June 13, 2017

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Whenever I get a wedding photography inquiry from a potential client, I always set up a time for us to meet each other over coffee (well, chai latte for this non-coffee drinker) and just chat!  Since I spend your WHOLE wedding day by your side, it’s super important that we fit well with each other!  Anyway, the very first thing I like to ask couples when I meet them is about their love story!  I’m a total sucker for a good how we met story, and I’m always blown away by the range of stories I hear!  Literally–no two are the same!!

Well after years of asking other people about their how we met stories…I thought it was time to share how my husband and I met!  I’ve been waiting for today to share since today is our anniversary!  We’ve been married for 7 years today, but telling the story never gets old!  Plus…writing this post meant that I got to look through all of our old photos!

That photo on the top right there?  That’s us on our first date!!  We went salsa dancing with some of my roommates, and I’m so, so glad I made my roommate take that photo!  But, backing up–we met in a BAR!!  Ha!  So classy.  I was in grad school at UC Davis, and he had just graduated and was working in town.  And, it just so happened that one of his good friends was also in my graduate program–so when a big group of us went out one night, he invited Brian to come along, and the rest is history!

He introduced himself, and as we were talking, I mentioned I wanted to go to a salsa dancing night in town.  He said that he’d been looking for a salsa dancing partner and I knew I wanted him to be my dance partner!

Well, a while later, he joined my roommates and I at the salsa dancing night and THAT’S when I found out…he had very specifically said that he was looking for a salsa dancing partner…NOT that he KNEW HOW to salsa dance.  Ha!  I remember, as we were dancing, mentioning that they did lessons if you came to salsa night an hour before it started and he said…”Nah, I’m good” as he did his own version of definitely NOT salsa dancing.  And we had the BEST time.  The confidence on this man!

The rest really is history–he proposed at Santa Cruz a year and a half later, and then a year and a half after THAT, we got married at the botanical gardens in Dunsmuir, California.  That’s the photo on the left (thanks, Essence Photography!)–it was 1 million degrees and I wore a satin ballgown, but it was still the best day ever.  Every wedding I’ve been to since (and there’s been a few) reminds me of that day, and the feeling of excitement and a brand new season of life.  Seven years and two kids later (that’s the photo on the bottom right–thanks Sarah Morace Photography!), I’m amazed at how almost every single thing in our lives has changed, and also nothing has changed–I still love dancing with this man (and salsa dancing lessons still have not happened).


Photo by Sarah Morace Photography

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